NASKU – Who we are

NASKU GmbH is a company founded in Germany. For 10 years we have been developing software for the automation of construction machines and equipping them with appropriate components. Founder and owner is Knud Ußling, an experienced surveying engineer who brings professional know-how about modern surveying techniques to the company. This knowledge combined with the expert knowledge of our developers enables a highly professional, modern and precise system for the automation and navigation of construction machinery. Currently NASKU GmbH focuses on ramming machines for the solar industry, but our system can be used for various construction machines.
In order to serve our customers worldwide, NASKU USA was founded in 2018. Our two locations, Germany and USA, enable us to work flexibly and close to our customers.

Navigation and automation systems Knud Ussling

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Navigation und Automationsysteme Knud Ußling
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