What we do

We build solutions for GPS based automation of construction machinery. Our focus is on piling machines. However, we can also offer you individual solutions for other construction machines.


Who we are

As an international company we realize individual solutions and projects for our customers with 2 locations worldwide.

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Would you like to complete your construction projects even more efficiently and with the latest technology? We will be happy to advise you and create individual solutions for you. Contact us.


Fully automated systems

For more success in your project!


Our system makes it possible to control construction machinery automatically. We equip your machine with various components that enable GPS-based measurements and thus achieve highly precise results. The advantages for your project are increased efficiency, conservation of resources and time savings. Sources of error such as manual measuring points are replaced by digitally generated points, the machine controls these independently and logs its work steps.


GPS positions, heights, inclinations, digital position marks – with the NASKU system your machine navigates to the right point. Our professional know-how from surveying technology as well as state-of-the-art technology enable us to navigate to points with the utmost precision and to carry out the next work step correctly under a wide variety of terrain conditions.


NASKU systems are capable of storing any work progress. This makes it possible to check the current project status at any time. If, for example, posts are rammed, the machine then documents the end position as well as the end height, so remeasuring and manual logging are no longer necessary. In the future, the stored data can be evaluated remotely in our NASKU service portal for all your projects and machines with NASKU systems.


GPS-based measurements will be made directly from the machine.


Potential sources of error such as manual measurement and documentation are eliminated.


Automation saves you time! No faulty navigation, no faulty measurements, no subsequent checks.


Resource-saving! Our system only requires a small number of on-site personnel.


The operation of the system is reduced to the essential, for this no special know-how is necessary.



The new Nasku service portal enables you to manage your projects yourself and to view and analyse machine data. This enables you to reach your goal as efficiently as possible. Coming soon:

  • Create projects
  • Assign user rights for different projects yourself
  • Analyze data


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